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LinkOverLoad.com (LOL) Can Make You M-O-N-E-Y!

Ok, the idea is very simple.

  • Earn AdCredits (simply by signing up for a free account, and for referring others to this web site)
  • Exchange those AdCredits in return for potential cash opportunties, or if you don't like taking a chance with the cash, you can simply exchange them for awesome, but real Free Goodies!
Here's a quick summary of how LinkOverLoad.com (LOL) works. Now, it doesn't matter if you don't understand all of this rightaway. The key is for you to understand that this site is free, and that you have the potential to make a decent amount of pocket-change from a totally free site! So, go ahead, sign up for a free account yourself, and start letting others know.
AdCredits Earned
When you sign up for a free account +500
When you refer someone to the site using your special LOL Affiliate Link +500
When one of your your referrals spends (or uses up) 6 AdCredits +1
When someone signs up at the site directly without using any referral link, one of our many members will automatically get the credit for the referral. If this is you, then you get the new-member referral credit. +500

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How YOU can make money from this site - for FREE!

Yes, you read it right. Y-O-U can make money from this site for F-R-E-E! Here's how it works:

Our home page has a few advertisements (called "affiliate links") from different web sites (merchants) like Google, Amazon and ClickBank.

When someone clicks on one of these advertisements and (say) fills out a form or buys something from the advertiser's web site, then the merchant pays us a commission.

However, at LinkOverLoad.com, we have decided to Share The Love with you :-) So, instead of just showing just our own advertisements all the time and pocketing all of the commissions ourselves, we will show the ads of all our members - and in effect, share the (potential) earnings with YOU!

So, (almost) all of the ads on our web site are rotated in a "round-robin" fashion amongst all of our members. So every time an ad is clicked, a product is purchased, or a form filled (depending on the type of ad), then the owner of that ad (possibly you) will get paid the commissions generated by that purchase or click.

However, for you to get a piece of the commissions, you will first need to sign up for a free LOL (LinkOverLoad) account that takes less than 1 minute. Once you log in, you will see how easy it is to participate in our revenue sharing program.

Also, if for some reason you don't wish to participate in our revenue-share program, then you can always exchange the AdCredits you earn for freebies that other is on offer at the LOL Marketplace.

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So how exactly do you earn AdCredits?

For your ad to be displayed when your turn comes up, you need to have at least one AdCredit - these are like the tokens you need to play the video game at the mall - only difference is, our tokens (AdCredits) are FREE!

Earning AdCredits is easy, and free. Nothing to buy - ever!

When your turn comes for your ad to be displayed, if you have at least One AdCredit in your account, then all of your affiliate ids are loaded from the database and displayed on the page, and your AdCredit total is reduced by 1.

When your turn comes for your ad to be displayed, if you have No AdCredits, then LOL will skip over to the next eligible user in our members list - someone who has at least One AdCredit - and displays her ad.

But it is very easy to earn and accumulate a large amount of AdCredits so that you never run out of them. Here's how you do it:

You earn 500 AdCredits right away when you sign up for a free LOL membership yourself.

After that, you can get 500 more AdCredits for each user that you refer to the site using your "LOL Affiliate Link" (you will get this once you sign up).

  • When you sign up for a free account, you get 500 AdCredits.
  • When someone visits the site through your special LOL affiliate link, and signs up for a free membership themselves, you get another 500 AdCredits.

    So, if you refer 100 members (referral), you get 100 x 500 = 50,000 AdCredits to be used against future advertisements when your Ad-Turn comes up.
  • Every time your referral spends 6 AdCredits (meaning his ad is shown on the LOL home page 6 times), you get 1 AdCredit for free! Which means, if you refer 100 members, you not only get 100 x 500 = 50,000 AdCredits for referring them, but by the time they use up their AdCredits, you would have pocketed another 8,333 AdCredits (1 for every 6 of theirs that they spend) without even lifting a finger.

    And the more they earn themselves, the more they will spend. The more they spend, the more you get. It's almost like opening pandora's box (ok, maybe that was a little too dramatic ;-)

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Super Cool Bonus

There will always be some poor souls who will try to cheat and not use the referral link of whoever told them about this site - but guess what, it won't really work!

Because when someone signs up at the site directly (without using a referral link of an existing member), then a next-in-line member is automatically picked by our web site software, and this member will instantly get credit for this new user.

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No SPAM Whatsoever!

There is only one MAJOR rule - you have to tell others without EVER spamming them. Please always remember, that here at LOL, we hate spam and spammers with a passion. So, if we get complaints that you are spamming people, then your account will be immediately terminated without any notice or explanation (of course, we will investigate it first).

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Now here comes the "fine print"

You may never make any money - not even a single penny! There are no income guarantees being made here. We are not responsible for content of ads shown or web site links displayed. We try our best to show you only the best stuff, but hey, stuff happens. 2 out of 3 ads shown on LinkOverLoad.com will belong to the members. The 3rd ad will show the "House" ads - meaning, the ads belong to the publishers of LinkOverLoad.com. No one may claim any stake in it. Also, there will be other "House-Only" advertisements on the web site (like "Link Of The Day", "Category Ads" and other special promotions) in which the users have no stake.

So, if LOL gets 1,000 visits a day, then about 666 LOL ads will belong to various LOL members, and the "House" ads will be displayed only about 333 times. For having created this web site, we do need some incentive, right? :D


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*This excludes special, direct advertisement opportunities like "Link Of The Day", which belong to the "House".

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