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How to advertise on LinkOverLoad.com (LOL)

Link Of The Day: (PAID) (Click here to buy)

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Purchase the "Link Of The Day" link that you see towards the top right corner of the home page. During the first month of the launch, when we're trying to generate the maximum buzz and publicity and users for the site, you can purchase this link for only $25 per day. It is first-come, first-served. So, hurry up and book as many days as you wish to. Once they're gone, they're gone.

  • Category Ad: (PAID) (Click here to buy)

    You can purchase a static link - great for increasing Google PageRank(TM) - under any category for only $300 per month - that's just $10 per day. This is available only on a monthly basis.

    Only one link per category can be commercially purchased. Your product/service must be real, and absolutely relevant to the category in which you are purchasing the ad. The rest of the links in a category are organic, and are there because they are the best-of-breed.

    This ad link is provided as a static link so that you can take advantage of any Page-Rank benefits. For a limited time, affiliate links can be promoted using

  • Site Targeting: (PAID)
    You can do "Site Targeting" using Google Adwords, and compete with other natural contextual ads that Google would normally place on our site. To purchase these ads, visit Google Adwords by clicking on the link below:

  • Affiliate Sales: (FREE)
    If you have a powerful/useful product or service, and are selling it through LinkShare, ClickBank, Share-a-sale or Amazon, then we can drive both new affiliates and sales to your web site. There is no charge for this. Your product has to be a best-of-breed or near best-of-breed in order to qualify for this. To be considered, simply send us an email with complete details about your web site, product, pricing, affiliate commissions, and affiliate service used.

  • One-Time Offers: (FREE)
    Every time a users logs in, they will see a One-Time Offer displayed - and if they skip the offer and do not take advantage of the offer, they will never ever see it again.

    However, to advertise here, you have to have a real and awesome product, and your offer should really be one that the potential buyer cannot find anywhere else online or offline. Again, there is currently no charge for this, but that will eventually change. To be considered, simply send us an email with complete details about your product, your offer, affiliate commissions, and affiliate service used.

    To participate in this free promotion, you must be operating an affiliate program through a well-known affiliate program management service. If you don't wish to offer affiliate commissions to the publisher on this offer, then consider the "PAID" version of the "One-Time Offers" below.

  • One-Time Offers: (PAID) (Click here to buy)
    The idea is the same as the "FREE" version above. However, you have no obligation to LOL Publishers or the site visitors to offer the best possible deal and pricing. You can use the offer to promote virtually anything, for any price.

    Obviously, if you want people to buy, then you will give them an irresistible offer. But when you pay, we don't ask any questions, except that it fit without the LinkOverLoad standards of quality and decency.

    You can purchase a One-Time Offer Ad for only $300 per month - that's just $10 per day. This is available only on a monthly basis.


Summary of Advertising on LinkOverLoad.com

Free Ads:

  • One-Time Offers (FREE)
  • Affiliate Sales

Paid Ads:

  • Link Of The Day (buy)
  • Category Ad (buy)
  • Site Targeting via Google Adwords
  • One-Time Offers (PAID) (buy)

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